Happy Fouth of July

The gang came over for lunch: Shelly, Elke, Jason, Andrew and Helena. We ate sandwiches and avocado salad and cake with ice cream for desert. It was great that Helena got to meet Shelly’s daughter and her family. Elke did the dishes when I wasn’t looking. Thank you!

We all drove to the high school and took the shuttle down to the port where Andrew had a chance to play games and enjoy the kids there. I took a try at the hula hoops. Around the waste was a no goer as the hoops were very small. Both arms worked though and Elke caught me in the act on her phone.

We shuttled back to our cars around 5:00 and headed home for a quiet evening. I took Helena home on the way to mine. Tomorrow we’ll do something together again. But for now it’s quiet time in our own houses.

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