The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Busy Day

This evening I met my brother Steve at Fourth Corner Frames for the opening of “Chirp,” an art show about birds. I have three paintings in the show. I’m standing between the two Steller Jay paintings of mine.

Steve and I stopped at Goat Mountain Pizza for dinner and had planned to continue on to other galleries. Just as we finished Shelly, Elke, Jason and Andrew showed up so they joined us for dinner. After that we went back to the gallery so they could see the show.

We finished the evening at Mallard Ice Cream. By this time it was late so Elke, Jason and Andrew were ready to go home so they took off. Steve headed home too.

Shelly and I went to the Relay for Life alone together. We began to walk around the field and soon found the luminarios we had made for his wife. Along the way we met a fellow in an amazing lighted coat and stopped to talk with him. He made the coat himself.

Soon rain began and quickly turned into a deluge with thunder and lightening. Shelly and I ducked into a tent where an animal rescue group was giving out information about their organization. They were very nice.

Soon bags started to burn as the wind pushed the paper into the burning candle inside. People acted quickly to extinguish the fires and soon the rain helped. As we finished the walk most of the bags were out. It was wet and dark but many of the walkers soldiered on.

We headed back to my car and I drove Shelly home before heading home myself. Now I’m ready for sleep.

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