The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Garden Visitor

I've been noticing this little fellow or gal in my garden lately. Though he is chomping down on my potted flowers and I should chase him away, he is so cute that I've let him be. He stays out on the lawn for hours at a time just relaxing and looking cute. It seems he's had some run ins with other rabbits as his ears show the signs of fighting. I might call him or her "Chipper" for the chips in his ears. Anyhow, he is quite bold now. I took this photo while I was outside and he was just ten feet away.

I've been busy doing some advance packing this morning, sorting out medications and other stuff I plan to take with me to Africa. I still haven't figured out how to get my luggage weight down to 33 pounds, especially since my cameras and medicines and other essentials way over 19 pounds. I may have to bring just one or two sets of clothes. I do plan to wear a bunch of stuff the day of the flight to Kenya, the one with the 33 pound limit. That should help. The only other limited flight allows 44 and that should be a cinch. Ha ha.

Shelly is home doing wash and generally sprucing up his place after the family's visit. I really enjoyed my time with Shelly's daughter and her family while they were here. I got to know Andrew much better than before. He is really sharp and we had fun together. It's been awhile since I've had much time with a six year old. It took me awhile to remember, but once I did, I found him to be a really cool kid. It was a good visit.

Now it's time for Shelly and me to maximize our time together since I leave for Holland and then Africa in just two weeks. I know I'm going to have a great time, but I sure am going to miss Shelly.

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