Alaska Ferry Terminal

First of all a huge thank you to all who stopped by to congratulate me on my 3000th blip. All your wonderful comments, stars and hearts mean so much to me. What an amazing community this is. Again thank you so much.

Today was the chamber concert at the Ferry Terminal, a special event that occurs somewhere in the middle of the Bellingham Festival of Music. I took this photo from outside the area where the chamber concert was performed. The extra shows the stage area against the beautiful window facing the bay. I love this building. And the concert was really great, filled with three pieces I had never heard before. Afterwards we had yummy hors d'oeuvres and wine. Made for a lovely afternoon.

There are just two more concerts in the Festival, one on Wednesday and one a week from today. As usual this festival has been amazing so far. The musicians are so incredibly good and I feel so lucky to live here. The festival began in 1993 and Arvin and I have had seasons tickets for every single festival since it started. It is one of the best things of the year and we are very careful to be sure we are in town to attend.

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