Miss Brodie

It was a very grey and dark morning.  TT and I went for the bus, and by the time we got into Edinburgh it was raining.  TT headed to work, while I headed to a friend’s house, as I was going to the funeral of a friend and former colleague D who sadly passed away last week.  J had offered to drive and we set off to Glasgow.  We found the church and crematorium quite easily (and the sun even came out), but the hotel almost defeated us.  The satnav took us in completely the wrong direction, but we fought back and eventually found it.  I knew we were very close when we hit a diversion, as the road ahead was closed.  Luckily the diversion took us to the hotel.  J and I felt that D had a hand in us getting lost. He would have loved that we turned up late, and had a story to tell!  While it was a sad occasion, it was nice to meet up with former colleagues and reminisce about the “old days”. The nicest part of the day was to meet D’s lovely wife, daughter and baby grand daughter.  The baby brought D so much joy over the past few months and weeks.

J and I came back to Edinburgh without getting lost.  J is great company – with so many stories it was nice to spend time with him and catch up.  Once back in Edinburgh  I stopped off to catch up with his wife – who I hadn’t seen for ages.  It was great to see them both again.

I then headed off to meet TT at his office, as we were heading out to meet friends.  Monday night is never my ideal night for socialising, but it was the only night we could all get together before N and L head off to exotic climes to get married.  We had a few drinks and a lovely meal and a really nice evening with good friends.

TT wasn’t in his office when I first got there, so I went for a wander and spotted this homage to Miss Jean Brodie on Middle Meadow Walk.  One of my favourite books.

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