The second half of life..

By twigs

Full flight

Very much a rugby day today.........

1st XV had a good win over a team who had travelled half the South Island to play :)

Whipped home via the supermarket to get a few things ready for dinner tonight with friends.

Back to school to watch some of the Under 18's  get soundly whipped by local rivals.

Home then to make a delicious vege lasagne which K, C and I tucked into before the final All Blacks v Lions test.  After a fantastic game it was a very odd feeling when the game ended (contentiously) as a draw.  Neither a win nor a loss, and whilst the Lions might be feeling chuffed for not having lost to the AB's, many AB supporters (including me) were feeling the draw as a loss.

And now we have to wait another 14 years for a rematch!! 

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