The second half of life..

By twigs


Drove up to the lake District today to visit aunty and cousins.  Whilst it's not great driving on motorways, once I reached the A66 leading directly to the Lakes I was looking forward to an 'easier' and more picturesque drive.  Wow!  this road has changed over the years!  Sooooo much traffic......where once was a simple, single carriageway, now were dual-laned carriageways with lots of fast moving trucks.  The scenery however, never fails to please.

One thing I've noticed here in England in mid-summer is the extraordinary length of the days.  Broad daylight by about 4.30am and still twilight at 10.00pm.  This pic was taken at 10.00pm as J and I walked back from a lovely dinner at this pub - the Royal Oak :)  

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