The second half of life..

By twigs

Waterless Haweswater

J and I went for a drive out to Haweswater today to see how much the water has evaporated during the current dry spell.  

Haweswater is a that lake began 'development'  in 1929 to increase the water supply to Manchester.  Claiming the lowlands of the valley to form the reservoir meant that some settlements were flooded, some families lost their dwellings and livelihoods and some graves were relocated to nearby Shap.  The 'new' lake was formed in 1935 when the flooding of the old valley effectively increased the length of the lake from 4kms to over 6kms and raised the water level by some 29m.  

Today, after some 30 days without rain, the sites of the old villages, the old stone walls and the lines of old roads are beginning to poke their heads above the water once again.........

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