North sea from train window without boat

I think that this might be my favourite field. I last blipped it (then yellow, rather than green) on 1st November 2016 when travelling to Guildford for a meeting. Today I took the photo on our return journey from Hexham to Edinburgh via Newcastle (by train instead of car due to the sad demise of our vehicle on Monday).

We nearly missed both our trains because Mr hazelh was a numpty at Hexham station. Thank goodness I rechecked his supposed platform number checking. If we are really to give up car ownership and travel by train everywhere in the future, I need to re-teach him how to read signs in railway stations!

We have another family party on Saturday and then we're going away on holiday (properly) next Tuesday, so I am beginning to feel the pressure in respect of my writing. Since we came through the door at lunchtime today I have been more or less glued to my machine in an effort to get a journal paper manuscript finished by the end of the week.

Exercise today: none.

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