Butterfly & Lavender

I went for a walk this morning into Shotery taking my Olympus hoping to get one or two decent shots. I'm still learning, my main issue being finding the right focus point. With the old camera you pointed at the area you wanted in focus then half-pushed the button to hold the point. This camera seems to have a mind of its own and often stubbornly refuses to give me the focus I want. I've tried various menu settings, but so far to no avail. When I do manage a half-decent shot its more by good luck than judgrment; i deleted more than 50% of the photos i took today. Still I shall persevere as I really like the camera (any OMD Olympus owners out there, any advice will be grateful received).

Anyway I went into Anne Hathaway's where they have a lavender mini maze and spent time hunting butterflies and bees.

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