Flower Friday

This week's Flower Friday hosted by BikerBear has an option of using the first letter of either the journal name or blip name in the picture.  Luckily both my journal and name start with F so there you are,  Flower Friday! 

Had a fiddle with the camera settings following your useful advice, thank you, and tried it out this morning in the garden with more promising results as can be seen from these marigolds. Hopefully the camera will keep on behaving itself with the other lenses.

Today, according to David Attenborough, is the Big Butterfly Count, see how many you see in fifteen minutes, I think.  Anyway I was out taking flowers for about that long when I saw a single Gatekeeper, so even though I blipped a butterfly yesterday, a Meadow Brown, thanks Technophobe and Tigger, I've added this one to the extras.

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