Ann was at the Blue Cross this morning so as I didn't get out yesterday I decided to take a walk today.  I went to Holy Trinity Church first and had a look round the outside, gravestones, then inside.  The place was pretty busy, tourists not worshippers mainly, but i managed one or two photos including this one of the young organist playing some nice music.  I also took one of the organ pipes as they are so impressive.

From the church I went to Lucy's Mill and had a look at the riverside there, very pretty, before crossing onto the Rec and walking alongside the river back to Tramway Bridge. 

I was a little early for Ann so I camped in Pret with an Earl Grey and awaited her when we then had a couple of Pret's very nice salads for lunch.

This afternoon Emma and Andy, with Luna, dropped by on their way back home.  We had a drink and chat in the garden, managing to find a little shade to sit.  This is a precursor to Ann and I babysitting Luna for a week from Wednesday, we'll have to try and remember our doggy looking after skills!

The extra is taken from the bridge at Lucy's Mill where a mother coot was having a wash whilst her babies looked on. 

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