Marsupium Photography

By magi

border land

We went on a natural history expedition today. My dad wanted to visit a quarry to check out the formations there. I took the opportunity to take some (lots of) pictures of insects. We then went on to River Werra and climbed the Heldrastein. On top of the massive cliff  we enjoyed great views of the former border land between East and West. The villages were particularly hard hit by the German-German border. A 1km walk between two places would require a 100km detour. Today, the border is demarcated by road signs but otherwise it has disappeared.

Hard to imagine today what ridiculous nonsense was going on then. I suppose we are embarking on a new set of stupidity. 

As always, I took far too many photos on the insect hunt (705) which I got down to a more manageable 130. Still, I'll be well busy sorting out all those pictures when I am back.

A selection of pictures are on flickr.

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