In My Life...

By steeble


First time I'd seen a wonder of the world. Wouldn't say I was breath-taken but I am pleased to have seen them.

If you watch 'Idiot Abroad', the pyramid episode pretty much sums it up.... Cairo is an absolute dump. People asleep at the side of the road, people collecting rubbish in dump sacks which were on a cart pulled by badly treat donkeys. Camels branded and scars from whip marks.

At the pyramids theres people walking around constantly hassling you to buy things, you say no and they follow you giving you abuse. Very rude people.

Anyway the nicer bits.... Pyramids were big but not as grand as I expected. Only one of them is a world wonder, there are actually 9 pyramids on the site and near 200 in Egypt. They were built by kings for their legal wives.

The sphinx is a woman.... She married her brother to become queen, declared herself a god too. Personally I think she thought a bit much of herself but hey

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