The second half of life..

By twigs


Early start as M came round to begin the checking process for the draw I've been working on.  It wasn't too long though before we had more questions than answers and progress ground to halt before it had even really got going.  To cut a longer story short, whilst the bulk of the actual draw is - I'm confident - good, there are quite a few modifications that need to be made for the overall plan to 'work'.  Too complicated to even begin to try to explain.  Suffice to say, I found myself feeling more than just a tad grumpy for the rest of the day.  One thing that really bugs me (more and more these days, it seems) is having to re-do jobs.  Do it right, do it once has always been my catch-cry at work and this shows through in my (some may say!) almost nit-picky approach to details.  I don't mind in the least putting in the hours to get something working/looking/acting/being the best it can be, but when much of that that effort turns out to be wasted.......well........I get grumpy.

Nothing like a nice setting sun over snow-laden mountains to ease the grumpiness.

........and a goblet of beautiful mulled wine in the evening to raise both the spirits and the temperature.  It's been a very cold day!

Tomorrow's a new day :)

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