Kew Gardens

Max, Zeb, Gulli and I met Lauryn, Kaitlyn and Sarah at Kew, we had a lovely day! We went on the landrover bus that goes around the gardens which we haven't done before which was very interesting. We had a picnic, went in all the glasshouses, smelled the roses and generally enjoyed ourselves.
Max drive us all back to ours with the rock at full volume.
Our old next door neighbours popped over to say hello and he girls had fun in the trampoline with Kaitlyn while the bigger kids played mario kart.
Kevin and Rachael came over for the evening with a pork vindaloo and booze, Max made a chicken Balti and a korma and a Dahl, yum.
We played banangrams.
When Zebedee got back from the gym at 10.30 he informed us that his 4ft corn snake has escaped from its vivarium. We have no idea where it has gone!

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