What a great evening last night - an Evening with Anne Enright (Laureate for Irish Fiction) & Paula Meehan (Professor of Poetry), the opening do of the West Cork Literary festival. Two very entertaining women, especially Anne Enright who can often look a bit dour in her portraits but who was in fact hilarious and very down to earth. She doesn't half write well too - The Green Road is highly recommended. Next week I have evenings with Sara Baume and Com Toibín to look forward to, plus a few day time sessions!

Horrible day weatherwise - warm, thick murk - but a good chance to catch up on essential stuff.  There's a wedding kicking off at the Tin Pub up the road. Himself has just done a tour of the circuit and has reported back on the fashions - mega heels, much teetering, silly hats and backless dresses. perfect for the weather. The other pub is roasting a whole pig. Are the two connected?

I haven't blipped an old widow for some time so here you are. 60Plus has a good idea for those of us missing Derelict Sunday:
I'm still posting derelict shots while the derelict Sunday challenge is "resting", so I have a suggestion for anyone else who is doing the same. If we tagged our blips JulyDC for July Derelict Challenge, then we could still see each other's derelict entries without necessarily having a "host" for the month. We could do this until DS returns, just to keep our hands in ;) No limit on the number of shots, and you could back-tag ones you've already posted if you are so inclined. I leave it with you...

Makes sense to me!

* And this blue - I don't know but I think it must have been the only interior paint colour available, that and a bit of salmon pink, for every old house has it somewhere.

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