The weather today, it changed from pleasant to unpleasant, from soft rain to dry. Only as late as 8 pm the sun started to shine and it was calm, no wind.
We walked in the morning to the river Weser and the sheep. We did not see them in their meadow, but noticed a new fence at the other side of the path, and there under some trees we found them. Huddling together, eating a bit of this, a bit of that. They came near and some ate of the bread we had brought for them.
I saw my first damselfly on our walk, and she sat still on a stem.
A quiet afternoon, a nap, reading a book.
Some time ago there had been horses along the Weser too, (we did not see them today) and for protection of the flies one of them did wear a mask. I show a picture in the extras.

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