Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Ugly but it works!

A couple of weeks ago we stopped feeding the birds as the squirrels were so bold about coming on our deck..they destroyed two plastic finch feeders and caused another feeder to fall from the rafters that it broke but we were able to fix it.  They jump off the one area they could climb to unto the feeders which they should not be able to reach otherwise. 

But I wanted to keep feeding the birds so the engineering guy came up with this idea for now!   A barrel with an extension that sits in the middle of an area that the squirrels cannot jump from anything!  A board on top holds the food and the birds are loving it!   The resident engineer has a plan in the works for something that will look better!  

The amazing thing is the squirrels cannot jump this distance..they have sat on the deck rail and tried their best but always end up on the ground!  They sit there looking like they are trying to figure it out but I thing the height is the issue..they can't jump from the ground or from a tree!

So it is ugly and looks silly (a silly Saturday thing) but it works and my finches, wrens, doves, cardinals and thrashers are enjoying it!  And some other birds I don't know!   

Thanks also for all the love on my iphone photo of the bee photobomb posted yesterday!   I wish I had had my big girl camera so it would have been sharper!   

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