Jimmy Caught Behind

If you're a cricket fan, you'll know where I was today. Len had bought two £20 tickets for the fourth day of the second test match between England and South Africa at Trent Bridge in Nottingham.

South Africa's bowlers took the English batsmen apart. Faced with making 474 runs to win, England were all out for 133. Jimmy Anderson was last man in. I took his photo at the wicket just as he'd hit the ball which flew straight into the hands of the wicket keeper. We shouldn't hold Jimmy responsible. After all, he's my favourite bowler and not a batsman.

But the upper and middle orders were a disgrace. Moeen Ali wanted to score runs and got three fours,. The pundits slammed him for a sweeping shot which got him caught.

Cook got 42. I thought he was a bit unlucky to be out to a  high bouncer which came off his glove as he tried to protect himself.

Root was all confidence as he strode in. When Morris removed his off stump, he was rooted to the ground in disbelief and took a very long time to leave the field.

Ah well, it was a hot sunny day. Len gave me a cricket hat to wear and I was sensible enough to wear a long sleeved blouse against the sun.

The smells from an Indian curry cart outside was tempting me all through the first session. Len suggested that I go to get something just before the lunch interval. I was so impressed that they had marked up which items were gluten free on the menu.

I still have my sandwiches that I made last night!

Wonderful sunset colours in the sky this evening. I had been intending to venture out to take photos of golden light across the wheat fields, but there was no golden light to speak of. A swathe of orange pink and purple in the sky though.

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