Multi-wheeled transporter for moving wind turbine bits (possible just the tower parts), by Inverness Marina.

This month's main camera - the old and very humble Olympus Trip (this one). The nearest equivalent to a 35mm film point and shoot from the 1970's, and one of my Parents' former cameras.

And again, whilst mainly using old film cameras, many of the Blips are repeated on t'other journal. It's dedicated to such madness experimentation. Unusually for me these days, some colour film. Though after the amount of frustrating time spent footering about trying to get the colours "right" (not always successfully), I won't be buying anymore 35mm spools, not once those in the fridge are used up. There's a part used colour spool in last month's camera. Hope to back-Blip those even later... whenever it's finished. 

Olympus Trip : 40mm : ISO100

Film: Kodak Ektar 100 (Colour negative)

[Frame : 00]

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