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By Damnonii

The Gin Palace Welcomes...



T and I have been Blip pals for a long time, commenting on each others journals from opposite ends of the world (T in New Zealand, me in Scotland) and sharing many funny and poignant moments.   

T is from many places (her life story and family history fascinates me.  I could listen to her talk about her history and experiences all day) but one of those places is Scotland, so we have lots in common despite the distance between us.

When she was last in Scotland in 2015, we unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to get together (although spookily it turned out we were both in Gloagburn Farm Coffee Shop at the same time but didn't realise it!) so I am delighted that this time round we managed to finally meet.

T arrived slightly later than she had planned due to slow traffic on the road from Oban and stopping at Crieff to nab her blip and buy me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (she also bought me the most beautiful little bottle so Edinburgh flavoured gins, just the thing to have in Prosecco and some butter fudge in the most a beautiful tin that will certainly be utilised for other purposes once the fudge has been enjoyed :-)   She also inadvertently took the scenic route from Crieff to get to mine, but she arrived in the end and that's the main thing.

After a hug and pause to admire her very swanky weekend bag, I made her something to eat after her long journey then since the weather was so beautiful, we took ourselves off out to the Gin Palace to relax and have a good old natter.  It was so warm outside that at this stage that's just water in T's glass, but we did manage a G&T later.

David arrived back from his golf lesson and came out to say hello.  T laughed as he came towards the Gin Palace and commented about how he looks exactly as he does on Blip as once again, due to the magic of Blip, it feels funny to meet friends for the first time, when you already "know" them!

As the temperature dropped we made our way inside and had dinner, then moved to the sofa for coffee and more chat.  In fact I don't think we stopped talking the entire time.

As the yawning set in it was time for bed with more chatting to look forward to tomorrow (well today since I am back blipping:-)

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