I see faces .... AT108

I'm stuck at home today waiting for something to be delivered so I had to look for faces at home. I think anything can trigger seeing a face as long as there are some clear eye shapes. I bought the fidget spinner not that long ago because I had heard about them and wanted to know how they worked and what they do. It doesn't do anything for me, I guess I'm not much of a fidgeter but I do see a face with button nose and open mouth :-) It makes me think a bit of Pooh's  friend Tigger ...

Before I turned to the little spinner I had been doing a bit of colouring to see if that triggered any pareidolia, see my colouring effort in the extra

I'm looking forward to all the Abstract Thursday entries and wonder how many saw faces ... Remember the tag is AT108 and I'll post the results in my journal over the weekend.

Thanks very much for kind comments and stars for yesterday's ladybird/ladybug  :-)

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