At Basildon Park :)

I believe this one is a 'Meadow Brown'?    Thanks to Gen2 who has advised me this is a 'Ringlet' Butterfly :)

After hearing from my StepDad yesterday, I've been feeling at sixes and sevens!

My StepDad has told me not to go and visit my Mum this weekend because she's being moved closer to their home for 'rehabilitation' now....  and he thinks she needs to settle in.
I feel so guilty, so far away and a tad fed up too :( 

The cottage hospital is closer to their home, but there is no public transport there, so I would need to drive (over 4 hours driving each way). Therefore that will mean a night or two away from home....

Why is it that other people are ruling when I can and can't see my own Mum :(:( 

Obviously there is no point in going if she's been moved now, because I need to book accommodation and plan in the time away....which I can't really afford at the moment....

So anyway, I decided last night that I was fed up with everything and feeling very sorry for myself and I needed to get a life out, hence going to Basildon Park National Trust.  

I had a really good day, briefly bumped into some people I know from Church,  and came home feeling much better :)

More Butterflies, bees and views of the house including Butterfly, Bee and Fly all on the same flower  in Flickr :)  I was spoilt for choice for a blip....

Tomorrow after another interview with an agency, I'm probably going to either Hinton Ampner or The Vyne (if anyone has time to meet up email me)!  Got to make use of my National Trust pass whilst I have it as it runs out on 31st July and I can't afford to renew it without a job...

Now I must sort the recycling out before tomorrow...and have some dinner!

Happy Thursday folks :)

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