Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Blipped on 20/7/17.

Well, I really am the lucky one. It's been SO hot here and I have felt a bit of it, but nothing of the heatwave they had just before I came. Today was most pleasant, in fact, so much so, there was a chill in the wind as we sat and drank a frappe at this gastro pub in neighbouring Kiti's town square. We love Kiti, and often drive through it to get to and from Larnaca.

A bit of a waiting around day. Actually, IKEA were fantastic and arrived first. The flat we're working on is the last one at the end of a long-ish corridor, so we felt quite sorry for the guys to had to carry all the furniture in. I don't know how many trips they made, but think it took about an hour.

The white goods firm said they'd come around lunch time and they did. All of that got fitted within 90 minutes, which left us with enough time to race to Larnaca to tackle curtains. Always a challenge and there was much to-ing and fro-ing of whats app messages showing available stock and options. We looked at lampshades too. Felt quite shattered at the end of this day; so we called in at a small cafe on the seafront for some dinner before heading home. My extra is taken in the car park. Larnaca's Finokoudes sea front is built on Turkish land and there are a few derelict buildings. There's something about them that always makes me stop and look. Tonight, the lighting was good too. :)

PS. Finally had a chance to look at the expenditure so far for the project. We are er, over budget already! Yikes!
PPS. Photo credit to the very talented Jellyfox aka G!

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