Summer Rain

The day started fine but I knew the weather would deteriorate so I took a change of clothes to work for the walk home. (Long trousers, wellies, raincoat, umbrella) I still looked like a drowned rat once home.

Then one of my sons text to ask me to drive into town and pick him up as he was inappropriately dressed for the weather. He would have done the same for me so off I went.

I have been "the big cheese" this week as the boss is away. That extra responsibility is exhausting. Today's members behaved. No dramas.

Bryan is usually fixated with Car Hire. He confuses the club with a waiting room at Avis where the car he has hired fails to turn up and all the staff are useless. For some reason he was chilled out today. When his wife came to collect him he checked with me that we were all "meeting up again tomorrow.". I just went along with it and his wife rolled her eyes at me.

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