A Grand Day Out!

My sister, Louise, and I went to Salisbury today.

A beautiful drive across Salisbury Plain to Wilton where we took the Park and Ride into the City. (Due the recent poisonings, the P&R was free.)

Our intention was to vsit the Cathedral and see the 2500 paper doves that are suspended from the ceiling. It was lovely. Simple yet effective.

There happened to be a rehearsal for a concert of Brahms (something or other) that is taking place this evening. So wonderful singing and music to go along with our browse inside the Cathedral.

We then went to the shops and had a look around the usual sale rails (White Stuff, Sea Salt, Fat Face) but bought nothing. Lunch next then a walk and then into the garden at Mompesson House for a cupperty and piece of cake.

Salisbury was busy with tourists and we noticed Zizzi Restaurant (where the Skripals ate the day they were poisoned) was still closed. You do wonder how this has affected the staff. No doubt zero hours contracts so just no more work. 

Home now to nurse my hematoma. 

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