Dog Days....

....with temperatures in the 90's and the heat index (feels like) over 100.  

My husband and I went to the Aquatic Gardens at 7 am hoping to beat the heat.  The lotuses are still in bloom and so beautiful, but really, how many shots can you take of them?  There were lots of dragonflies, but how many shots can you take of them too?  I guess the heat was really getting to me because I lacked any enthusiasm and it showed when I got my images up on the computer.  

After my husband ran, we took a walk out on the wetlands boardwalk, because he had never been there before.  Occasionally there is an osprey, bald eagle or egret out there, but none were to be seen today.  It looks quite still but it was anything but quiet.  Numerous Marine and Army helicopters flew by and there was plenty of traffic noise from nearby New York Avenue. I just wasn't feeling it. 

...and so another landscape, for a change. 

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