By Missycat

FlowerFriday21 Acrobatic!

Acrobatic certainly describes the manoeuvres of the several hoverflies determined to get the best out of my new hardy geraniums.  It certainly wouldn't describe how I've felt today as the gastric symptoms have continued, at least until early evening when I've started to feel a little better, thank goodness.
Today was Violet's last session in the 2-3 years old Tumble Tots group.  She received her certificate and balloon to mark this and next term will go up to the 3 years - school age group along with her friend.  Staggering to think of her being school age soon...time flies is an understatement!
I was very grateful for Daughter #1's help today and later The Son's, due to my fragile state.
My extra is, of course, my alternative flower, Violet, sitting on one of our garden benches with grandpa, Mr MC.  She is making yet another phone call, while he enjoys a relaxing drink at the end of a busy day.

Many thanks to BikerBear for continuing to host her challenge.

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