Cricket Tea

My little helper whilst I tackled the bindweed and brambles in the shrubs! 

Talking to the little robin as I snipped, pruned and pulled the overgrown wretched things out then heaved everything into a trailer was quite therapeutic. I also wanted the little guy to get used to me and my voice so we could continue our relationship over the year. It was killing me not having my camera at this point so under strict instructions not to move I ran inside to grab it. 

Plonking down in the grass whilst he dived and pounced on tiny insects was great to watch and chatting away I reminded him so he was under no illusion, that providing his meals for the day was a reciprocal arrangement as I needed a blip. He duly obliged - bless! All the while mum was watching, keeping an eye on her offspring giving the occasional tweet of warning. 

Certainly he made me smile whilst taking my mind off the bramble scratches and nettle itches!

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