Oh dear

My finger has been really painful all week so I decided I'd best see someone about it. We popped to the Walk In centre and an examination and x-ray confirmed I've broken it! So it is now strapped up in this splint thing and I am booked in to a fracture clinic in Monday so they can decide how to sort it. That'll put paid to ringing for a bit!

Timing is not great given Leo is in school hols when we generally do a load of messing about - but am sure we will still manage to lark about somehow. Dad is also waiting on wrist ops and Ian is waiting a shoulder op so at this rate we are not going to have one decent driver in the house if all our treatment manages to coincide somehow. We were hoping Ian's surgery date would be soon - now we are hoping it is a bit later!

On the good news front, Leo is very happy that the weather has improved so he can play his final footie tournament on Sunday. Must admit, I was rather hoping it would be cancelled as we'd decided that if it was we would all pop out for a nice slap up roast somewhere. Weekly Sunday tournaments have meant we haven't had a chance to make a good old Sunday roast for ages - just snacked whatever picnicy things we've thrown together. Ah well, one more day of snacking and we'll plan for a slap up roast next Sunday instead.

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