More footie

Thanks for all your kind words and sympathy for my finger. It is the first, and hopefully last!, thing I have ever broken.

I was rather proud of myself as I managed to help put up the gazebo at the footie even with a duff finger. Have figured out as long as I keep it straight and out of the way then I am good to go.

The lads didn't have a great tournament - they didn't really seem to be up for it today and more or less just went through the motions. Leo got some good prcatice in though as there were some good strikers there who packed quite a punch when they shot.

It was rather wet so we were glad to hide out in the gazebo at times - and it is now draped about in the garage to dry it out.

We are now done with summer tournaments - phew! Just a couple of more Monday night practices to go and then we get the whole of August off before we start up again in September.

Off to the fracture clinic tomorrow morning, where hopefully they won't do much other than tell me to keep it splinted up and rested. Then I just have a two day week - sadly I am in one Monday and Friday, but never mind, I will enjoy a nice mid week off entertaining Leo

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