Reading Den

I made Leo a Reading Den, wouldn't mind whiling away some time in it myself, especially in a shady spot in the garden. I'll have to pick up some material when I am out to make it some curtains, it is just adorned in scarves at the moment!

He was very happy to try it out when he got home. He spent the day at the a Bowls Club helping my mum and dad with some catering for an event. He loves that - I guess it is like playing shop for real!

Ian and I headed into Exeter to buy some bits and bobs as we are having new carpet and sofas next week and needed to buy some matching accessories. We ended up with a new picture, mirror, loads of cushions, a throw and a rug :)

We spent ages in B&Q looking at piping but couldn't get the three way connectors we needed to build Leo's den. Then as we headed out to try somewhere else, I spotted a kids gazebo which is just the job with a few long pieces left out!

Sunday's job is to clear the living room and pull up the carpet ready for the new one to be fitted on Tuesday. The sofas don't come until Friday so we can camp out for a few days.

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