Inadvertent tattooing!

Leo had decorated a pillowcase at school with supposedly fabric safe paint. I was going to quietly get rid of it, but as he is having a nose bleed phase I thought I'd use it as I wouldn't mind if he messed it up.

I popped it on his bed last night and when he got up the patterns he had painted had magically transferred from pillow to arm! Thankfully he only made a few random pictures on his case. Some of the other kids had fully painted their versions - it would have taken a week of scrubbing to remove that from him. One good soak and now all the paint is out of Leo and the case - should have thought of that first!

All went well at the fracture clinic. They reckon it will knit back as long as I am careful for the next few weeks and months as the bones are still lined up fine. Phew! So just a waiting and resting game now until it is sorted. I have kind of mastered driving with my finger held aloft - shame it is the middle finger - I may induce road rage in others!

It was a very entertaining footie practice session for Leo this evening. Their coach decided to get them playing the offside rule as that will come in to play for them next season. Let's just say they haven't got anywhere near mastering (or even understanding) it yet! I fear the coach may find he wears out whistles at an alarming rate.

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