Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Blue-faced Leicesters

What a day!

I was awake through the night due to a lot of noise on the trailer roof of heavy rain. It hardly stopped all day. Really heavy downpours. As you can imagine it was NOT a well-attended agricultural show

Never mind, one lady asked us to go and photograph her cattle and I got a possible contact for a future project so all was not lost.

At least it was dry when we came to pack up.

If you ever go to these country shows in the rain, please don't gather your friends and family up to shelter inside, across the front of someone's marquee, blocking the entrance and stand with your backs to the stall-holders. It's so rude. Stall-holders pay a lot of money to attend these events and need all the chances they can get of visitors being able to see their goods. Rant over!

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