Desperately seeking

By clickychick

The Flying Scotsman

In March when the orchard trees were bare and fluffy sheep dotted the field, I wanted this shot! Not the best vantage point for a good photo of the Flying Scotsman, but I needed to do it.

It was a good job I set off early, there was a road closure. I didn't have a man, any man, or a sat nav, or a map with me. Instead I talked to an elderly lady I met en route. She told me what was what  and , more importantly, where was where!

I found the place. Oh, no! I think it's starting to rain and, no, I didn't have a brolly. The sun that shone brightly this morning had hidden itself and I found myself constantly upping the ISO to compensate.

In March the air was colder and the steam formed lovely plumes. Today the train was running late and had no crowd to show off to with whistles. It sped along.

Well, in March I got the shots I needed then and today I got this shot!

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