By Film

Steam driven fire hose pump (I'm guessing), at Bo'ness Transport Festival, on a very wet day.

Spent my first sixteen years in this area, and the railway was long gone then. So it was a surprise to find that some had been re-instated over the last five years, and that there was an active  bunch of train enthusiasts with a few engines and other bits here now.

Decided to forego the planned trip to the motorcycle racing at Beveridge Park, in Kirkcaldy, especially as there's also racing tomorrow at Knockhill.

Ricoh KR-10 : 50mm : ISO 400

Lens: XR Rikenon 50mm f/2
Film: KodaColor II 400 (Colour negative)

[Frame : 12]

Extra - railway bits and pieces, including a platform.  [Frame : 09]

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