A Bunzini in the Mist

This is the little friend who was waiting in the yard when I first went outside on this day. It is one of the Bunzinis, I'm not sure which one. Conditions were very misty out and quite damp. I was able to snag just a few photos before the rabbit hopped away.

When I brought Dexter outside to sit on the front porch, he wanted to get down and sniff the porch floor. Then he began acting strangely. Suddenly, we BOTH heard a tiny noise - a scrambling sound in the red plastic bucket on the porch.

I put Dexter back inside the house, removed a few items from the top of the red bucket, and out peered a little gray nose with twitchy little white whiskers. A MOUSE! (Yes, it's been a really mousie summer lately.)

About two weeks ago, much to our surprise, a mouse ran right up the front porch steps, and then right back down, while Dexter and I were sitting in our chair contemplating the morning; I imagine the one I discovered on this day was the very same one.

It was raining again by then, so I grabbed the red bucket and ran out through the raindrops to the edge of our property where a little abandoned shed sits. I dumped the bucket, and out hopped a healthy gray mouse, who disappeared into the little shed.

So as you can tell, things are quite active around here. This song is for the bunny. And I guess, also, for the mouse who got away. Johnny Cash, Good Morning Friend.

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