A little blue

Down came the rain! Ugh ....... I hate wet Sundays!       (backblip)

Mum has hurt her back twisting to get yesterday's dinner from the oven. She is only 4ft 8in tall & has spondylitis & crumbling spine ...... also arthritis in her shoulders ....... because of all this she has had to stand to the side of the oven to reach in! She can't reach over the door! So we have been trying to come up with a solution.

First thought was a small cooker on the worktop ...... unfortunately that was a no go as she wouldn't have had any workspace left! Back to the drawing board.

Hubby then came up with a brilliant solution ....... an oven with a 'hide & slide' door! They had one in the shop .... so we took Mum to try it ...... it worked ...... she could use it easily. Now all we need is to get permission from her landlord to replace it ....... don't think it should be a problem as we will be paying for it.

We did manage a short walk at Westgate Woods late afternoon ..... dodging the rain drops ..... luckily by then it was only very light rain! Spotted this very pretty little blue flower ..... hope you like it :-)

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