Dark leaves

These leaves caught my eye as I was walking Cousteau this morning. Funny, while the sun was shining, I found beauty in the dingy shadows. 

Spring is around the corner, and while it is still chilly, I am seeing signs of the change of season all around. I won't get too excited, we've still got at least five weeks of winter left!

I've prepped dinner and tidied Mr B's clothes which he brought back from the trip. He hasn't had a chance, so it'll be a nice surprise for him when he gets home tonight.

Off to school in a little while, and then home just after six. It's good to have got dinner sorted and the house a little tidier. I'm just going to use the next twenty minutes, before I get ready, to process some of the pics I took in the Kimberley. I've got four more days to back blip.

Here's one I've just finished. Three to go now!

Night all.


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