a new home?

We are considering purchasing a new home on a canal off of the Braden River. Steven paddled there yesterday from Lucas Boatworks. See the wee lassie canoe docked at the seawall of the property? That is how he met me and the real estate agent! How much time did it take him to paddle over from where he works? Four and a half minutes, he said with a grin! I am sure his own specially made by hand kayak paddle helped him to maneuver quickly - see large for a better look.

So, I may need to take a break or just not be here as much. I wanted you to know. If this happens for us it will most likely happen quickly. I would have much packing, selling & tossing to do. So please know I will see you here as I can and miss you too. If it does not work out I will be back sooner than later . . . .
my best to all of you!

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