Right Said Fred

The stars aligned! 

Almost dry weather. Not too hot. Still. Rich can't work from home but Jill can walk Little Dog.

Tuesday it is then. 

So, Monday I spent feeling nervous but still trying to pack in as many carbs as possible despite my diminished appetite. Three routes lined up. 50, 75 and 104. The latter being the Fred Whitton minus 8 miles as I was setting off from the hut in the Langdales. The other two being shortened versions if I needed a get out.

Which would it be? 

I arrived early evening and spent most of it eating. I headed out for a little potter and enjoyed seeing a big helicopter of a dragonfly; came back and watched a vole, I think, from the bedroom window; and realised that there were birds flying up to the eaves at the corner of the bedroom window where I was standing (thumbnail for my window!) I thought they must be swallows but eventually realised they were flycatchers - my first of the year as I've not seen any local ones this year. A lovely start to my mini holiday.

Alarm set for 6. (Less of a holiday!)

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