A new magnifying glass!

Wednesday 26th July 2017       (backblip)

I have also posted yesterday's You will not believe this! ....... do hope you will have a look & read the next episode of the saga!

This afternoon we took Mum to get a magnifying glass so that she can see the dials on the cooker ..... if we ever get that sorted ...... & other tasks. She struggles to even read a letter ..... even with glasses ...... so it should help.

We went to Lunettes opticians ..... they were fantastic in there ...... so helpful & patient with Mum. She came away with a super magnifying glass which will make life so much easier for her ...... at least that went well :-)

We then took Mum for a short visit to see my sister which was lovely :-)

Fingers crossed for tomorrow ..... Mum may finally get an oven!

There will also be somebody coming to put a new window in Mum's bedroom as the frame is warped ..... so a busy day for her!

On a different subject entirely ....... we saw the Peregrine Falcon here again today! Almost managed a shot this time as it sat on the fence ...... but flew off just as I got to the window with the camera!

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