me up flowers :)

I had a bit of a shock this morning when I was told that the job I'm doing was being terminated as there 'isn't enough work'...  

Never mind, it was boring as hell and I'm sure I'll be better at something else.  (very cross though as I don't yet have a contract, they don't have my bank details and I don't know how/if I will be paid for work I did do  :(  I will be emailing the HR Director (he wasn't there) when I think of the right words~HELP!) Kicking myself for not going through an agency now :( ) 

Went shopping after work and bought these lovely flowers (and some chocolates) to cheer myself up.

Thankful to have another interview on Monday afternoon :)

Thinking and praying for another blipper friend on this day Xxxx

Late Update on my Mum!  She is home :)  I am quite overcome with this news....and surprised it was so quick.  She came home yesterday afternoon :)

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