Homeward Bound

A travel day.

One drawback (maybe the only one) of staying out in the sticks at Nesodden is the trip to and from the airport. Bus (5 minutes), ferry (20 minutes), tram (10 minutes) and train (23 minutes). That’s less than an hour altogether, but with the time you have to allow for connections it all adds up.

Oslo does make it easy, of course. The bus stops 20m from the ferry. The tram is 50m from the ferry at the city end. The train is 100m from the tram. It’s all clean, pleasant and efficient as well, down to being able to buy my train ticket in advance on NSB’s app. No standing in queues or fiddling with unfamiliar ticket machines.

Gardermoen is a relatively new airport and was functioning well today. 5 minutes to drop my bag and another 5 minutes to get through security. Ideal really.

Things were not as smooth at the Edinburgh end, but that’s fairly normal.

The Blip is the ferry terminal as I was waiting to leave Nesodden, a bit reluctantly. Breakfast and newspapers on the right; waiting room on the left. The extra is the living area of my wee Airbnb studio. It smells of pine, like a sauna. 

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