My life fragments 2019

By MrsLinda

Goodbye Kruger

Leaving Kruger and feeling nostalgic. Now I completely understand why locals love this place and want to return as much as possible. It was a lifetime and unforgettable experience turning visitors into even bigger nature lovers and admirers. We belong to them as well now. We had been unlucky to complete Big Five Sighting until our departure from Kruger. On our way from Satara, quite short distance from the camp there was an impala gangling on a tree at a distance and when changing our position a bit we could see a leopard feeding on it high up in a tree. Amazing experience even though being watched from quite far away. Now our Big 5 is complete and love of safari ignited :)

On our way we saw quite many animals again last of which was my most favourite one - gracious giraffe. Goodbye Kruger and thank you.

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