By CleanSteve

Sculpture of a woman selling fish, Comillas, Spain

It was our last day sadly, so we tried to do as much as possible. Tanya and Immy will be staying an extra night in Comillas, before going to Santander town for twenty-four hours. Helena and I checked out of our hotel in the centre of town and we walked down to the Friday market which has stalls spread around the streets and squares close to the main church.

After further coffee we headed off on in the car to drive to ancient cave system which have very early wall paintings by the cave dwellers high up a hillside. Unfortunately after the 40 kms drive we discovered that it is essential to book a slot to visit the caves and there were none left until  much later in the day. So we headed down to the valley with lunch on our minds, but couldn't find anywhere that seemed suitable so we headed back to Comillas where we knew there were a variety of restaurants offering the set meal that we wanted.

Suitably replete we drove via Tanya's hotel so they could change and then headed to the beach for a final visit as the sun was by then shining brightly. We parked on the road to the small port  just above the beach and there came across this sculpture of 'a woman selling fish with a basket' which seems to be a relatively modern feature but which matched the location.

The beach was lovely and I regretted that we hadn't visited it more. Ah well we shall have to come back. Helena and I are really pleased with our holiday location and the very beautiful surrounding countryside. The wether is cooler than much of the rest of Spain but that is no bad thing these days. It also gets quite a lot of rain but that means the landscape is very verdant and fruitful. 

We dropped Immy and Tanya at their hotel and then drove to the airport at Santander for a 10pm flight to Stansted, knowing that we would have to stay at the airport until we could get a train back into London early i the morning.

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