Popped up into Blackheath this morning to buy a little ivy plant to put in this terrarium I bought for my friend Lizzie's birthday.  We then drove to her house in Surrey at lunchtime, collecting my friend James from the station on the way.  A couple of our other uni housemates came along, too - my friend Sally and my old roommate Kathy (all the way from Bristol), with their families.  So nice to catch up with everyone again :)  Lizzie and her husband had put on a fantastic spread for lunch, and all fourteen of us (including kids) sat around their dining table for several hours.

Lizzie loved this present, but unfortunately it only lasted about five hours - just as we were getting ready to leave, a couple of the boys were playing with a bouncy ball in their hallway, and - perhaps inevitably - it took a direct hit and lost one of its glass panels.  Ah well, hopefully it'll still do its job!

Got home close to 8pm.  I made Tim some dinner, but was still so full up myself (from not only the huge lunch but two very lardy desserts, too) that I skipped it altogether.  Snuggled up on the sofa and watched Fargo off the recorder - very good!

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