Little Dog only has to hear the words - 'your friends are coming' and her ears prick up.  Mention Liz and Bessie, well, she starts spinning.  That was this morning!

We all went for a Salami spesh before Rich dropped us off at the Cow&Calf to walk home.  I was supposed to be cycling with Liz yesterday and earn my food but I was on the edge of a cold (which seems to be losing) and didn't feel up to pedalling.  I met her in Kettlewell instead for more undeserved food but a great catchup!

Liz definitely earned hers with her first 70 miler on her own and we had a lovely walk back over the moors talking about that and her new dog behaviourist business.  This afternoon, I've been on the case helping her update her website which I've really enjoyed and it's getting there.

Time for Call The Midwife now - which, apart from all the women giving birth, is rather compelling watching.

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