If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Sweet Olive.

Not an exciting day so I thought I would take a shot of the first Tomatoes ready for harvest.  These are as the title says Sweet Olive, supposedly the size and shape of an Olive.

Certainly they are small.  A new variety to me which I bought as an experiment at the village plant sale.  Olive has turned out to be very long and thin (more or less as I remember Olive Oil from the Popeye cartoons)  "She" (what else can you refer to a plant called Olive as) turned out to have a lot of trusses with masses of fruit.  I don't suppose the weight will equal a "normal" variety such as Ailsa Craig.

In the afternoon we went up to the Eycott Hill nature reserve for a bit of a walk to "blow the cobwebs away".  It certainly did that, it was blowing a "hooley" up there.

The coronation meadows looked good but it wasn't the weather to hang around with showers every so often.  Must visit another day.

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